Here's Why All Musicians Need a Website in 2022

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Nobody Can See You

Chances are, not a lot of people know who you are. You probably believe in your music so much, that you think it doesn’t matter. You think that some day, the right person is going to magically find you and you will run into a wonderful opportunity. Hours are spent networking among the likes of Instagram and Twitter, and you are finding strong connections amongst other musicians and personnel in the industry. While the ground work you are putting in is definitely helping, you could be storing all of your connections into a tangible ledger like a website.

Each time you make a connection with somebody, directing them to your website is one of the best ways for musicians to make their name memorable. Before people even get a chance to listen to your music, giving them a place to learn about you makes a great first impression.

A homepage can do wonders for you and your brand. Above is the homepage for Moment Music, an electronic musician who makes amazing melodic dubstep (check out his Soundcloud), I’ve had the pleasure of designing his musician website. All he has to do is tell somebody to go to his website, and there they are met with a neat introduction, a picture of the musician, and social links. It might not seem like much, but this simple information can do quite a lot of good for you, and can give people a really solid understanding of who you are and where they can find out more about you.

Musicians Need to be Aware of the Music Business

I know how this sounds, and I know it isn’t super fun to hear. I once was an aspiring musician, and for some reason, I completely believed that I could pursue my dreams without anything business-e in play. I drilled in my head that musicians were expressions of art, and they would take care of the creation process and other business-e people could come in and handle all of the marketing/professional stuff later on. While this is true in some (few) cases, you may want to buckle down and understand why building this entrepreneurial presence can help you out along your way.

Once you understand that the music industry works like one giant business, all of this unfun information might sound a little more gratifying the more you read it. Don’t water yourself down, continue to pursue your unique path toward music, but understand the not so colorful music business. While your vision and passion drive your journey, the business will keep you on track and ultimately, make you a living.

You’re Interesting, So Blog About It

Literally, just blog about it. A lot of musicians fail to realize how interesting there journey is. There are so many opportunities for you to document that process of writing your next track, collaborating with other musicians, or performing in front of people. Don’t limit yourself here either, a blog doesn’t have to just be an article like you are reading now, it could be videos, image galleries, poetry, and well, just about anything! Trust me, each and every thing you have to share with the world will attract at least one person to learn more about you. That person could be a new fan or even a future concert goer buying one of your tickets!

Each time you write a blog post of any kind, you are contributing to that ledger I mentioned above. The more you jot down, the more in-depth and rich your story will be.

What’s SEO, Anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it stands for you digital footprint in the massive maze of the internet. It is how easily you (or your musical brand) will pop up in a google search. That’s it. Want to tell people “Look me up on google, dawg”? Well you need good SEO. To get good SEO, having more content helps, of course, but the way you position your content with keywords and such will have an impact on how well you appear in searches. Don’t worry about it too much at the beginning, but if you want to learn more about SEO, you can read more about it here in this concise blog post by Nick Litten.


The amount of things you can do with your website is truly limitless. All sorts of musicians can benefit from having one. Not just recording/performing artists need one, but also music producers and writers, even instrument players who want to sell loops. Mixing and mastering engineers sell their services on a website, and beat makers can sell beat licenses on them as well. Why you might divert from using a beat selling platform like Beat Stars or Soundee? Well that is to be explained in another article, but for now, I hope I’ve drilled in your head that even just a simple landing page will do wonders for you.

Ultimately, your website is something you should be very proud of. You should be able to lead someone there, and be confident that they gained something that they did not have before visiting your site.

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